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Wafik Habib Waznak Zad - وفيق حبيب

Wafik Habib Waznak Zad - وفيق حبيب
Brand: Al Zahabi
Product Code: MC843
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Price: $6.95 $1.99

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Wafik Habib "Waznak Zad" - Enjoy the best Arabic Music Albums for the best price here only!

Songs Included:

  1. Waznak Zad
  2. Leeki Leeki
  3. La Terhali
  4. LaLa
  5. Alaa Ghia
  6. Faleet
  7. Di Name
  8. Bamout Aleek
  9. Nejmak Alaa
  10. Ghanili Shrouki
  11. Dabke W Dabike
  12. Ya Bou Rabab 

Arabic Description:

وفيق حبيب - وزنك زاد

  1. وزنك زاد

  2. ليكي ليكي

  3. لا ترحلي

  4. لا لا

  5. على جيا

  6. فليت

  7. دي نامي

  8. بموت عليك

  9. نجمك على

  10. غنيلي شروقي

  11. دبكة و دبيكة

  12. يا بو رباب

General Features

  • Format: Music CD
  • Starring: Wafik Habib
  • Release Date: 2008

Product Features

  • Sound Quality : Very Good
  • Language: Arabic Songs
  • Sound System: Stereo Sound System
  • Running Time: 60 Minutes approx.

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Number of Tracks: 12 tracks
Length: 53 Min approx.
Format: MP3  -  ZIP
Quality: 128 kbps / 44100 Hertz
Total Size: 60 MB aprox.


Cost: $2.99

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