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Asi Serie -  مسلسل عاصي
Asi is a story of one impossible love.. To love and to be loved but still not to be able to find hap..
Based on 8 reviews.
Ask-i Memnu - العشق الممنوع
Forbidden Love - Aski Memnu Having lost his wife eleven years ago, Adnan devoted all his attention ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Asmali Konak - قصر الحب
Asmali Konak - Kasser Alhob "The Mansion with Vines" was a Turkish TV series directed by Çağan Irm..
Ayrilik - صرخة حجر
Ayrilik - Sarkhet Hajar Ayrılık: Aşkta ve Savaşta Filistin (literately Separation: Palestine at Lov..
Binbir Gece - ويبقى الحب
Binbir Gece - Wa Yabka Alhob - Thousand and one nights The story is about Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu, a ta..
Dudaktan Kalbe - دقات قلب
Heart Beat - Dudaktan Kalbe ("From the Lips to the Heart") is a Turkish television series. It stars ..
Ezo Gelin - جواهر
Ezo Gelin - Jawaher Amazing Turkish Drama TV Serie in Arabic Spoken Language. All episodes are her..
Genco - الحلم الضائع
Genco - Alholm Aldayaa A young man tries to rebuild his life after losing his family in the 1999 Ya..
Gönülçelen - Roses Seller - بائعة الورد
Gönülçelen - Roses Seller - Byeat Alward   Gönülçelen is inspired by Bernard Shaw's..
Ihlamurlar Altinda - Sanawt El Dayae - سنوات الضياع
Ihlamurlar Altinda - Lost Years "Sanawat El Dayae" is a Turkish TV Serie with Arabic Syrian Spoken L..
Kaybolan yillar - Ow Tamdi Al Ayam -  مسلسل وتمضي الأيام
Kaybolan yillar - Ow Tamdi Al Ayam It started with a woman called Rosa, she gave birth to a little ..
Kurtlar Vadisi - وادي الذئاب
Kurtlar Vadisi (Valley of the Wolves) - Season 1,2,3 and 4 This new television series deals with th..
$79.95 $59.95
Menekse Ile Halil - ميرنا و خليل
Menekşe Ile Halil  - Mirna ow Khalil is a Turkish soap opera which was broadcast in Turkey from 2008..
Based on 2 reviews.
Muhteşem Yüzyıl - Sultan Harem - حريم السلطان
Muhteşem Yüzyıl - Sultan Harem - Harim AlSultan The "Magnificent Century" of the Ottomans ref..
Noor -Gümüş Serie - مسلسل نور
Noor (Arabic, meaning 'light') or Gümüş (Turkish for 'silver') is a Turkish soap opera which was bro..
Based on 1 reviews.
Pusat - الفخ
Pusat - Alfakh Turkish TV Series in Arabic Spoken language  Arabic Description: ..
Samanyolu - ندى العمر
Samanyolu - Nada Alomr  With a Magic Wand, I'll be Yours... Great Turkish Drama TV Series    Ar..
Sila Boran -  سيلا
Sila Boran A young woman's forced marriage to the agha of a tribe in Southeastern Turkey lead..
Based on 1 reviews.
Ask Ve Ceza - Love and Punishment - عشق وجزاء
Ask Ve Ceza - Love and Punishment - Eshq Wa Jazaa This amazing Turkish TV Series in Arabic Sp..
Fatmagülün Suçu Ne - Fatima - فاطمة
Fatmagülün Suçu Ne - Fatima Fatmagül Ketenci is a girl who lives in a village on the Ae..
Sila Boran 2 - سيلا
Sila Boran 2 Hope and despair… Love and tradition… Life and death… This tale takes plac..
Yaprak Dökümü - Leaf Log - الأوراق المتساقطة
Yaprak Dökümü - Leaf Log - Alaouraq Almoutassaqta Upon their arrival, the Tekins quickly adapt..

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