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The Smurfs Snafer - السنافر

The Smurfs Snafer - السنافر
The Smurfs Snafer - السنافر The Smurfs Snafer - السنافر The Smurfs Snafer - السنافر
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Alternative Titles:

السنافر (Arabic) Snafer
Schlumpfe (German)
The Smurfs (English)
Les Schtroumpfs (French)

Plot / Story:

Great TV Serie first aired in 1982.

In the begining...
On October 23, 1958 the Smurfs made their first appearance in a story of Johan & Peewit in Le Journal de Spirou. Their creator Peyo had worked previously at a number of drawing jobs. But the introduction of the Smurfs into Spirou would change his life.
At first, the Smurfs were just secondary characters. But they soon became stars in their own right. After a few mini-albums, their tales began to appear as full albums. Then the film ?The Smurfs and the Magic Flute? appeared, with music by Michel Legrand (he also sang in the chorus !).

Music provided the next big step also, when the Dutch singer Vader Abraham released the first Smurf single. It was a massive hit in Belgium and Holland, followed by the rest of the world.
Soon, figurines, plushes, toys, (hit) records and above all the TV shows brought them right around the world. In 1981, the celebrated cartoon duo Hanna & Barbera (who created Tom & Jerry and later the Flinstones and Yogi Bear) started work on a TV series for the NBC network in the USA. No fewer than 256 episodes were produced, which are currently showing in roughly 30 countries.
Although their creator Pierre Culliford - better known as Peyo - is no longer with us since Christmas 1992, the Smurfs have never been so popular. Over 10 million copies of Smurf CDs have been sold in the last 3 years alone. The books, activity books, figurines and toys are amongst the most popular in the world.

And with the new style and the increasing range of Smurfimedia coming out, the little blue men are sure to have plenty of surprises for fans in the years to come. A MUST HAVE SERIE!


  Arabic Description:


من اشهر أفلام الكرتون في الخليج و البلاد العربية ترجم الى اكثر من 7 لغات ( ايطالي , بورتوغيزي , انكليزي , فرنسي ,اسباني , ياباني ,عربي

مغامرات مختلفة ابطالها المخلوقات الزرقاء

صراع الخير و الشر متمثلاً في الصراع الدائر بين شرشبيل و السنافر مع تواجد شخصيات اضافية تحل علينا كضيوف شرف

مثل العجوز شندوخه و شرهان الجائع ..


Arabic Cartoons on DVDs

General Features

 Product Features

  • Video Quality: Very Good
  • Sound Quality : Very Good
  • Spoken Language: Arabic Fusha
  • Subtitle Tracks: None
  • Number of Episodes: 53
  • Complete Serie: YES - All Episodes (complete serie)

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