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Princess Knight - Yakout - الأميره ياقوت

Princess Knight - Yakout - الأميره ياقوت
Princess Knight - Yakout - الأميره ياقوت Princess Knight - Yakout - الأميره ياقوت Princess Knight - Yakout - الأميره ياقوت
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Alternative title:
Ribbon No Kishi
Princess Knight
Choppy and the Princess
Knight Of Ribbon
Al Amira Yakout

Description (English)

Princess Knight (Choppy and the Princess) was known as 'Ribbon No Kishi' in Japan and was based on the Manga publication of 1953-56. 52 episodes were made. It was created and produced by Osamu Tezuka and his own company Mushi Productions, airing on Japanese TV in 1967-1968..
Princess Knight was a beautifully designed colour series about a young princess in a fairy tale kingdom who must pretend to be a male for political reasons.
The series was set in Medieval times. Princess Sapphire masqueraded as a boy and was called Prince Knight (since a girl could not take over the throne). She had a little assistant ?Choppy' who was an angel who always blew a trumpet. At night she would wear a Robin (of Batman) style mask and was known as the Phantom Knight fighting evil.
In the first episode the King announces the birth of his child as a Prince who will someday be King. He deceives the people as a girl as a princess cannot succeed to the throne according to the law of the land. The lie is to stop the evil 'Duke Duralumon' from getting his hands on the throne as he is next in line. The only other people that knew were the Doctor, Gary and the Nurse.
The whole series is based around trying to prove that the Prince is really a girl led by Duralumon.
Princess Knight was actually born with 2 hearts. Choppy was an angel who gave the Princess a blue heart before the head angel gave her a pink heart to be a girl. So choppy was sent from heaven to get the blue heart back from her to make her into a nice little girl. Choppy had been looking for her for 12 years and when he finds her the adventure begins.

Princess Knight was actually bought and dubbed by Joe Oriolo. In 1969, 52 episodes were purchased from Japan, scripts written, lines dubbed. Unfortunately, the business arrangement between Joe Oriolo and his then partner, Burt Hecht, fell apart, and as part of the settlement, the partner departed with the Princess Knight masters never to be heard from again. Somehow some copies ended up in Australia and "Princess Knight" was shown here on TV, first on September 1970 at 9.30 am on channel 7 and later on November 1972 at 4.30pm. The show was also dubbed in Spanish and shown in Spain in the 80's. This series also had a very limited release in the U.S


1. Princess Knight
2. Daughter Of Satan
3. Contest Of Strength
4. The Phantom Ship
5. Monster Valley
6. Three Wishes
7. The Swan
8. The Flying Horse
9. Doll Of Danger
10. The Sandman
11. The Princess And The Beggar
12. Rose Castle
13. Love Letter
14. Tale Of The Fox
15. The Puppet Show
16. Greedy Ghost
17. Magic Mirror
18. The Magic Pen
19. Shadow Eaters
20. Phantom Kite
21. Magic Cookies
22. Sea Kingdom
23. Silver Ship
24. Moose Madness
25. Weapon Of Danger
26. Silverland Carnival
27. Stolen Beauty
28. Broken Idols
29. The New King
30. Phantom Knight
31. The Assassins
32. King?s Ghost
33. Queen Icicle
34. Magic Water
35. Iron Lion
36. Melted Icicle
37. The Egyptian Adventure
38. Satan?s Spell
39. Magic Tree
40. Ghost Ship
41. The Magic Herb
42. Secret Letter
43. Rat Man
44. Spider Island
45. Snow Eagle
46. Butterfly Witch
47. Battle Of Vengeance
48. The Prize
49. Mr. X
50. The Fortune Teller
51. King Neelon
52. Royal Wedding

Full Arabic Spoken Episodes:

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Arabic Description:
 الأميرة ياقوت

 من اشهر أفلام الكرتون في الخليج و البلاد العربية ترجم الى اكثر من 7 لغات ايطالي , بورتوغيزي , انكليزي , فرنسي ,اسباني , ياباني ,عربي
هو من الانيمي القديم الذي شاهدناه في طفولتنا

الأسم الأصلي Ribbon no Kishi
و الاسم الإنجليزي Princess Knight أو Choppy and the Princess
الأسم الياباني يعني الفارس ذو الشرائط
أسماء الشخصيات مشتقه من أسماء معادن و مجوهرات ثمينة و الشخصيات الشريرة مشتقة أسماؤها من المعادن الرخيصة المخلوطة ..
لؤلؤ خان في الأصل يكون اسمه من الألمنيوم ,
أما حمدان فأسمه من النايلون
مرزوق من صفيح
ياقوت . من الياقوت الأزرق
موسيقى المسلسل قام بتأليفها Isao Tomita
تصميم الشخصيات Kazuko Nakamura و Sadao Miyamoto
الخلفيات Minoru Nishida
السيناريو Masaki Tsuji
الإخراج Osamu Tezuka و Chigao Katsui
من شركه مشي Mushi Studio

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General Features

 Product Features

  • Video Quality: Very Good
  • Sound Quality : Very Good
  • Spoken Language: Arabic Fusha
  • Subtitle Tracks: None
  • Number of Episodes: 52
  • Complete Serie: YES - All Episodes (complete serie)


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