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The friend of his Friend - صاحب صاحبه
In the musical education, there was an offer for a job in the gulf... but the job was only for 1 ..
The Millionaire Woman - المليونيرة
Part of the legendary Comedy movies with Dureid Lahham and Nehad Kale ..    ..
The Satanic Couples - الأزواج الشياطين
Egyptian Comedy movie with the comic Star Adel Imam.    Arabic Description: ا..
Truly Cinderella - بالعربي سندريلا
Truly Cinderella The modern version of the Cinderella tale, but will the 21st century Cindere..
Watch Out - أوعى وشك
English: this hilarious comedy tells the story of two childhood friends who have always been croo..
Wedding under Presidential Seal - جواز بقرارجمهوري
What if you invite for your wedding the President???? And what if he accepts your invitation ??? ..
What's wrong - هو في إيه
The movie takes scene in a comedy, fantasy world, around 2 guys from Seid that move to Cairo, and..
Whatever you are thinking - إللي بالي بالك
Part 2 of the comedy movie Al-Limby    Arabic Description: إللي بالي بالك ..
Women's Taylor - خياط للسيدات
Part of the legendary Comedy movies with Dureid Lahham and Nehad Kale.... After a long desperate ..
Dawlat Security - أمن دولت
Dawlat Security - Amn Dawlat New Egyptian Comedy Movie with Hamadah Hilal    ..
Dear Grandfather - جدو حبيبي
Dear Grandfather - Gedo Habibi Very funny new Egytian movie!    Arabic Descri..

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