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Menahi Movie

Menahi Movie
Menahi Movie Menahi Movie Menahi Movie Menahi Movie Menahi Movie
Brand: Rotana
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When Menahi, a simple Bedouin guy from the village gets rich quick, he decides to move to the big city but fitting in proves to be difficult.

Comedy starring Fayez Al Malki and Mouna Wasef

Rotana has officially launched its bigscreen film, Menahi, after “Kefel Haal” that was launched in 2006 outside the kingdom to make “Menahi” the first film seen in the Saudi movie theaters since the 1970s.

Starring Fayez Al-Malki, the famous Saudi comedian, the film includes the well-known Mona Wasef and Abdullah Al-Emam, and the rising star, Dana Faraj Al-Ish. It was directed by Ayman Makram and written by Mazin Taha, the comedy scriptwriter. The film music was composed by Nasser Al-Saleh, the Saudi famous composer. “I couldn’t stop laughing when I was watching the film to do my work. I believe it is a remarkable shift in the Saudi newly born film industry.” stated Al Saleh. “An unprecedented media campaign was made for the film in addition to a number of surprises announced in due course when the film was launched in Riyadh, Bahrain, Dubai, and Cairo.” said Ibrahim Badi, Rotana Group’s public relations manager.

The film is about a Saudi 30-year-old simple villager, Menahi, who is single and living with his elderly mother. He is so good-hearted, spontaneous, and naturally smart that he sticks to village manners. When he moves to a large city, he cannot easily adapt the urban manners and gets involved in a lot of interesting twists and comic situations. Movie theaters around the Gulf countries were crowded with movie goers eager to see the first bigscreen experience for Fayez Al-Malki who - in a series of press conferences declared that Rotana has a lot to offer beyond the film itself.


روي فيلم "مناحي" قصة شاب سعودي من أصول بدوية، في الثلاثين من عمره، أعزب ويعيش مع والدته العجوز.
مناحي شاب بسيط وعفوي وطيب القلب ويمتلك ذكاء فطرياً ومتمسك بأخلاق البيئة التي خرج منها كالصدق والشهامة والمروءة.
ويمتلك مناحي مزرعة صغيرة لتربية الاغنام والدواجن، لكنه خرج إلى المدينة ولم يتأقلم مع مفردات الحياة المدنية لذلك يبدو ساذجاً في بعض الاحيان في وقت لا يخونه ذكاؤه الفطري في التخلص من المواقف المحرجة.
يقرر مناحي السفر إلى دبي، وهناك يتعرض إلى الكثير من المواقف الكوميدية الطريفة التي قد يتعرض لها اي شخص قليل الخبرة يسافر للمرة الاولى إلى دبي، حيث الفجوة الكبيرة في طريقة الحياة والسلوك العام ونمط العيش.

فيلم "مناحى" تم عرضه فى وقت سابق في كل من باريس و جنيف .
وبدأ عرضه فى كل من قطر و الكويت و البحرين و حقق الفيلم نجاحا منقطع النظير فى البحرين وسوف يعرض تباعا فى باقى الدول العربية و العالم

General Features

  • Format: DVD
  • Starring: Fayez Al Malki and Mouna Wassef
  • Running Time: 72 min. approx.
  • Release Date: 2009
  • Region Code: All Region
  • Rating: General Audiences


Product Features

  • Video Quality: Very Good
  • Sound Quality : Very Good
  • Sound System: Dolby Surround  System
  • Spoken Language: Arabic
  • Subtitle Tracks: None
  • Color Mode: Color

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