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Kaybolan yillar - Ow Tamdi Al Ayam - مسلسل وتمضي الأيام

Kaybolan yillar - Ow Tamdi Al Ayam -  مسلسل وتمضي الأيام
Kaybolan yillar - Ow Tamdi Al Ayam -  مسلسل وتمضي الأيام Kaybolan yillar - Ow Tamdi Al Ayam -  مسلسل وتمضي الأيام
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Kaybolan yillar - Ow Tamdi Al Ayam

It started with a woman called Rosa, she gave birth to a little baby but her family was against her raising this child all alone with no father so they took it from her and gave it to a woman called Julia. julia took the little girl and put her in front of some orphanage with the necklace of her mother around her neck and left. A 6 year old little boy called Esmer was watching what was happening from the orphanage window, he awakens his best friend Ali to go and see the little baby. When Esmer carried the little girl in his arms he kissed her on her cheek and said " I found you, so from now on you belongs to me" . Seven years pass and the little girl grows up to be the young and the beautiful Ezel. Esmer, Ali and Ezel become best friends,inseparable. But a family comes to adopt Ezel, as a replacement for their dead daughter , the three lives of these 3 children will change forever

Enjoy ALL the episodes of this amazing TV Serie (85 Episodes) in Arabic Spoken Language on  DVDs

 Due to popular demand, this product has been digitally remastered for a crystal sound and picture, on January 2012


 Arabic Description:

المسلسل التركي المدبلج إلى العربية وتمضي الأيام

أسمر وعلي طفلين أصدقاء عايشين بميتم للأطفال .. بيوم بيلاقوا بنت صغيرة على باب الميتم وبتكون مريضة .. بياخذوها عند مدير الملجأ اللي بيضمها لباقي الاطفال .. وبيصير علي واسمر يعطفوا عليها ويساعدوها ويعتنوا فيها وبيتصوروا مع بعضهم للذكرى .. لما يصير عمرها 6 سنوات بتجي عائلة غنية وبتتبناها .. وأسمر بيبكي عليها كتير .. وبيفترقوا الثلاثة ..وبعدها تتوالى الايام وتمضي وتتواصل الاحداث بشكل عاطفي درامي ومؤثر

General Features

 Product Features

  • Video Quality: Very Good
  • Sound Quality : Very Good
  • Sound System: Stereo Sound System
  • Spoken Language: Arabic
  • Subtitle Tracks: None
  • Color Mode: Color
  • Number of  DVDs: 9
  • Episodes: All Episodes (complete series)

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