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Grendizer - غريندايزر

Grendizer - غريندايزر
Grendizer - غريندايزر Grendizer - غريندايزر Grendizer - غريندايزر Grendizer - غريندايزر Grendizer - غريندايزر Grendizer - غريندايزر
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First aired in Japan from the 5th of Oct. 1975 to the 25th of Feb. of 1977

On the far away planet Fleed a harsh war is being fought. Evil King Vega's soldiers, out of survival reasons, attack the helpless population in order to subjugate them. The star Vega is dying and, for its thousands inhabitants the only hope for survival is emigrate on another planet. The people, governed by the military, do not debase by requesting help: on the contrary, they decide to conquer by force a new home. Planet Fleed is annihilated by the enemy forces. The massacre's only survivor is Prince Duke who manages to get to Earth onboard his Grendizer. Adopted by Prof. Umon, who knows his past, he is introduced in terran society with the name "Daisuke." The alien threat goes on. Soon made the conquered planted unstable, King Vega decides to turn his ambition upon our planet. Daisuke, therefore, gets ready to defend the Earth inhabitants from the grave menace with the help of Koji Kabuto (Double Spacer's pilot), Hikaru Makiba (Marine Spacer's pilot), and his long-believed dead sister Maria Grace Fleed (Drill Spacer's pilot). The battle is harsh, but the final victory will be our heroes'. Once put the war behind them, Duke and Maria will return to their home-world, which is being born anew, to help it flourish again. Original plot by Go Nagai, animated version by Toshi Testuka, character design by Kazuo Komatsubara (episodes 1-48) and Shino Araki (49-end), background music by Shunsuke Kikuchi, scripts by Shozo Ueara and Keisuke Fujiwara, direction by (to name a few) Tomoharu Katsumata, Masamume Ochiai, Masayumi Akemi.

"Ufo Robot Grendizer's" Characters
Daisuke - Planet's Fleed's prince, he leaves his home when Vega invades it. He will fight with Grendizer against King Vega, bent on conquering Earth. Later on in the series he will find again his sister, Maria, believed dead during the Vegans' attack upon Fleed.

Koji Kabuto - Mazinger Z's pilot comes back in this series as the pilot of the flying saucer 'TFO' and, later on, of the Double Spacer, a module allowing Grendizer to fly. The question haunting every single fan of the series is: "Why is Koji non piloting Mazinger Z at least every once in a while, as it could be much more useful than the TFO?"

Dr. Umon - The scientist taking in Daisuke as his son is the director of the space research center.

 Hikaru Makiba - Dambi's daughter, has a crush on Daisuke. Later on in the series she will become the pilot of the Marine Spacer, a module allowing Grendizer a greater amount of freedom underwater.

Maria - Daisuke's younger sister. She makes her first appearance later on in the series, as it was believed she had perished on Fleed. She will become the pilot of the Drill Spacer, a module allowing Grendizer to move underground. Her full name is Maria

King Vega - Vega's undisputed leader, he is directly responsible for planet Fleed's invasion and, as a consequence, for the death of Daisuke and Maria's parents. He has no compunction in using his own daughter, Duke Fleed's betrothed, for his own evil plans


Arabic Description:


من اشهر أفلام الكرتون في الخليج و البلاد العربية ترجم الى اكثر من 7 لغات ( ايطالي , بورتوغيزي , انكليزي , فرنسي ,اسباني , ياباني ,عربي


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General Features

 Product Features

  • Video Quality: Very Good
  • Sound Quality : Very Good
  • Spoken Language: Arabic Fusha
  • Subtitle Tracks: None
  • Number of Episodes: 74
  • Complete Serie: YES - All Episodes (complete serie)


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